The Association for Tradition and Culture "Niklot"

The Association for Tradition and Culture „Niklot” is an identitarian organization and a contemporary form of the Zadrugian movement. We continue and want to develop the intellectual legacy of the “Zadruga” society led by Jan Stachniuk AKA "Stoigniew" (1905-1963).

We’re convinced that it is the character of one’s nation, the quality of its human material that is the primary factor of its success or failure.

This quality is made up primarily by the nation’s culture, the values that spring from it and its role models, by the ideomatrix (the mindset pattern created and re-created by educational institutions) that is conveyed to the next generations. Other factors like biological heritage or geographic area have secondary importance.
Religion has a special place in culture, because it determines the relation of the community towards the most important values, the community’s ethics (“Ordo hominis ad summum bonum”) and encompasses – at least in principle – its whole. In this sense, there is no apolitical religion.

We’re convinced that the shape of Polish culture, which crystallized itself after the triumph of the Counter-reformation (the turn of the 16th and 17th century), is a factor which hinders the survival and historical success of the Polish nation. No alternative for it was created – and the present variant of the Enlightenment civilization developed in Poland certainly doesn’t play this role because in fact it is a secular offshoot of Christianity’s main ideas.

Our goal is shaping a new model of Polish culture and national character; we claim that we should reach for the Slavonic and Indo-European roots of our culture.

Time and place of creation

The association was created on 11th September 1998 and registered by the Voivodeship Court in Warsaw. The executive board, audit committee and collegial tribunal were chosen on 15th November 1998 and Tomasz "Barnim" Szczepański was elected the first chairman.


The name of the Assocation for Tradition and Culture „Niklot” itself shows its statutes’ goals and ideo-political orientation. The Obodrite prince (the Obodrites – a Slavonic people living in the Western part of contemporary Mecklenburg destroyed by the germanization actions only in the 19th century) Niklot fought all his life against Germans and Danes for the freedom of his people. He was the only Slavonic chieftain ever to vanquish a crusade and stop a German compulsory Christianization action. He died a hero’s death in the battle of Orle (contemporary Wurle) in 1160.


The White Eagle is the symbol of Perun – a God common to all Slavs. In order not to ladle out the religious and national symbol, the Association adopted the Axeagle, designed by Stanisław Szukalski, as its identification.

Areas of activity

Poland and areas of Polish diaspora.

Goal of existence

Preservation and development of Poland’s ethnic, Slavonic culture and identity. We also aim to help rebuild the identity of other Slavonic states and nations. To do so, we aim to strengthen ties with all Slavonic countries and organizations. We also aim to actively create cultural models based on our native tradition. We struggle against the negative influence of the EU and globalization on our country and civilizational circle.

Tradition in the association’s name symbolizes the continuity of the Indo-European and Slavonic heritage on the basis of which we want to build a new civilization.

Culture is a creation of a particular ethnos, it’s a legacy of many centuries to which we, as Poles, also want to bring our input. In our opinion, any action bearing marks of political and social revolution must be preceded by a cultural revolution that reaches out to the depths of the human soul. This is why culture has such a significant place in the final battle for our survival and development.


We live, learn and work for our culture and civilization to be a role model and an object of envy. It’s Polish culture and science that should pave new paths and create the world. Our goal is cultural expansiveness, because otherwise we will be the victims of alien cultural expansion. This expansiveness is to enclose also the Poles (and other Slavs) that act according to the principle of “cherishing the alien while not knowing their own” – especially in the religious, economic, cultural, linguistic aspects. The members of the “Niklot” association have enough of playing the role of “foreigners’ parrots”.

We aim to act according to the principles of Jan “Stoigniew” Stachniuk’s philosophy of Culturalism.

Our patterns

We aim to reslavonize all alien cultural and linguistic patterns. If not, our language (already called Euro-polish because of many phrases from English or German language) will vanish almost like our two-part names which have their own sense and meaning. We also seek our models in Polish history – especially in its victories and successes. We reject messianism and the cult of defeat that is fixed in Polish mentality. Thanks to history, as a science, we aim to interpret the sources of Poland’s fall as warnings for our contemporaries.

Leading ideology: Fight + Work + Learn = ZADRUGA

1. Work (being): We Slavs care for work the most because it is the source of strength! It’s the base for (group and individual) independence and it lets us break the chains of capitalist or socialist slavery. Thanks to it we can live, look good and provide for our families. We will not be persuaded to think that something can be achieved by “non-return bargains”. Nothing’s for free. Everything has to be earned. On the other hand, we bear in mind that the constant rush for riches is a “drive to death”, because craving for money can be taken for a good-in-tself and not as a means for material existence (or rather survival) and to clear paths for our offspring.

2. Fight: Our fight is to struggle against backulture (by that we mean the return to the healthy root of our nation) and our enemies. No one will make our fight for freedom for us.

3. Learn: It’s knowledge that produces wealth. Spiritual, intellectual and material wealth. We learn so that we can be conscious of our existence and the place of Slavs in the world. We learn as much as we can and during our whole life in order to know how to create our world. We also use the scientific achievements of other nations, which we try to enrich.

Areas of particular concern: Home + Children + Army = the continuity of existence

1. Home (state): Poland is our common home. We should care for it to be as beautiful as it can be, because it is the only thing that we actually possess.

2. Children: Children are the nation’s future. Without them, nations die. We aim to care for a pro-family value system, a positive birthrate, care for: orphans and large families. We will take care that our children don’t become materialists and cosmopolitans – a patriotic education system, after finishing which young people will not run “to the West”, to live as parasites on the wealth of other nations.

3. Army: A numerous and strong army based on national military industry is a basis for independence. Every Pole should finish a (at least a short one) military course, so that every citizen can fight if need be. We also bear in mind that the army is a catalyst of progress (“necessity is the mother of invention”). War is not something that needs to be made, it’s enough to threaten with it. Was it not the “cold war” that made such an enormous civilization progress possible in the 20th century?

Our attitude towards:

Europe: We aim to live and co-exist with other nations of this continent peacefully, in a common sense manner: everybody a master in his own home. We realize that we are between the North and South and between the East and West. This enables us to decide the future of this continent. We do not reject the achievements of other European countries, because cultural flow is a basis for the dynamic development of social structures.

Global village: We are critical towards multi-culturalism, liberalism and the Americanization of the Old Continent. We are in favor of a society that is relatively homogenous ethnically in the spirit of ethno-pluralism (“separate, but equal”). It’s the differences between peoples, nations and cultures that make the world so beautiful.

Death: The members of the “Niklot” association do not die. They leave. Somebody, who distinguished himself in the process of building the structure of national output, thanks to his or her activity in life will always be present in the life of future generations.

Revenge: Revenge is a fundamental right of man. We remember, however, not to target one of ours. We use our “wróżda” (pron. vroozhda – Slavonic clan vengeance) against our invaders. We regard public death penalty as justice served in the name of the whole nation for wrongs made against any of us.

Truth: Our Truth is our life embodied in our work and creative action. We know that what we believe is true.

We honor our ancestors and their rituals.
We honor the memory of our Gods and their festivals.
We honor the memory of our heroes and their struggle.
We honor that which enables us to be and to create.

Earth is my body
Water is my blood
Air is my breath,
Fire is my strength!

Through you I live,
Love, eat and sleep,
Earth above all
I know it well!

Other faiths: We respect faiths that boost the creative element in man and bind him positively with his community. We do not advocate religious systems whose ritual has only a soothing effect. We consider any religious universalism as contrary to Nature, we respect ethnic faiths of other peoples. We WILL restore the “old order”.

Hail to the Gods!
Hail to the Ancestors!
Hail Great Poland!

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